Breakfast Reading: The Most Essential Media Reading Today

Good morning to all people and robots! (especially robots) We’re kicking off this website the old fashioned way, by taking other people’s content and linking it to you, dear reader.

We’re setting out with the lofty aim of giving you a morning round-up of the most important/interesting tech/media news on the web, well, every morning. Whether this is feasible, let alone desirable, is yet to be seen, but c’est la vie. Enough existential nonsense. Let’s jump in, shall we?

1. Fox News, to the surprise of us all, actually produces something kinda useful in the world of social media and politics.

2. Activision CEO Eric Hirschbert tells us how they turned the leaked details of Modern Warfare III into an opportunity.

3. The Daily Mail’s new India initiative allows them to troll a billion new rubes while finding a way to balance profit with open racism against people of color.

4. In an amazing roundup that also reminds us that, omg, Americans are fat!, The Atlantic also prints this fantastic sentence: “Walking around wearing ear-buds is all fun and games until a train comes by and flattens an unsuspecting iPod user.” Oh, the dangers of sentient trains!

5. Finally, in the world of things that are simultaneously awesome and TOTALLY unnecessary, I bring you the Sandwich Artist, whose work illustrates this post.


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